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Line Card Ontario


Central Station Air Handling Units
Heating, Cooling & Heat Reclaim Coils
Fan Coil Units, Unit Heaters
Condensers & Fluid Coolers
Condensing Units
Centrifugal, Screw and Reciprocating Chillers
Water Cooled Self Contained Units
Packaged Terminal A/C Units
Heat Pumps
Applied Rooftop Units
Packaged A/C Units (Hotel & Apartment)
Block Replacement A/C Units
Heat Pumps
Unit Ventilators (Herman Nelson)



Centrifugal Base Mount and Inline Pumps
Variable Speed Sensorless Pumping Systems
Pumps Accessories and Engineered Products
Shell & Tube/Plate Type Heat Exchangers
Pressure Booster Systems
Air Separators & Expansion Tanks


Cooling Towers
Fluid Coolers
Evaporative Condensers


High Efficiency Heat Recovery Units



Pressure and Temperature Regulators
Steam Traps, Relief Valves
Pressure Motive Pumps
Specialty Product
Liquid Drainers, Float and Lever Valves, Ejectors


Gas Fired Humidifiers
Steam Heat Exchange Humidifiers
Self Generating Electric Humidifiers
Electric Cabinet Style Humidifiers
Direct Steam Injection Humidifiers
Complete Line of Rapid Dissipation Distribution Tube




Modular Water Chillers


Commercial Hydronic Boilers
Residential Wall Hung Boilers
Domestic Hot Water Heaters
Residential & Commercial Pool & Spa Heaters
Storage Tanks



Variable Frequency Speed Drives
Drive Accessories
Commercial/Industrial Applications


Custom Air Handling Units
Rooftop Penthouse Packages


Towel Radiators
Steam radiators
Commercial / Institutional Radiators
Electric Baseboards



Extruded Aluminum Liner Radiant Ceiling Panels
Modular Radiant Ceiling Panels (Drop In Type)
Custom Radiant Ceiling Panels


Pressure Gauges
Temperature and Pressure Controlled Valves


Glycol Make-up System Feeders
Condensate Neutralization Tanks
Side Stream Filter Packages
Chemical By-Pass Feeder
Sight Flow Indicators
PEX-Pal Tubing Organizer


  • Commercial & Industrial Exhaust Fans
    Lab & Fume Exhaust
    Gravity Ventilation
    Wall Propeller Exhaust
    Inline & Supply Exhaust
    Smoke Control
    Kitchen Exhaust
    Roof Mounted Supply & Exhaust Fans
    Ceiling Mounted & Bathroom Exhaust


Special Filtration Indoor Air Quality Air Handling Units
                - Gas Phase Filtration
                - Filter Testing Services
Industrial Filtration / Air Scrubbers
Electric Duct Coil
Heat Recovery Units
               - Heat Pipe Heat Recovery Coils
               - Capillary Heat Wheel



Commercial and Industrial Applications
Centrifugal / Inline Centrifugal / Axial / Plug Fans
Roof Exhausters


Grilles, Registers, Diffusers
Fire Dampers
Control / Motorized Dampers



Pre-Assembled Hose Kits
Automatic Flow Control Valves
Combination Control Valves
Manual Balancing Valves
Pressure Independent Control Valves
Piping Components and Accessories


Dehumidfication Equipment
Indoor Pools



Pressure Independent Control Valves
Adjustable Cartridge Automatic Balancing Valves
Automatically Balanced Temperature Control Valves
Thermostatic Control Valves
3 Way By-Pass Modules



Commercial & Industrial FRP Centrifugal & Axial Fans
Laboratory Exhaust systems
FRP Air Scrubbers



Commercial and Industrial Chimneys
Modular Fire Rated & Non-Fire Rated Duct Systems
Grease Ducts
Ventilation Ducts



Boiler Water Control Valves
Feeders & Low Water Cut-Off

Disc Steam Traps
F&T Traps
Inverted Bucket Traps
Pressure Reducing Valves - Pilot Operated
Radiator Valves
Temperature Regulating Valves
Thermostatic Traps


Air Cooled Chillers
Water Cooled Chillers
High Density Rack Cooling
Cooling Systems
Pump Stations
Compressed Air Treatment




Stainless Steel Braided Flexible Connectors
Bellows - Type Expansion Joints
Pressurized - Type Expansion Joints
Tri-Flex loop


Boiler Feed Units
Clinical / Lab Vacuum
Condensate Units
Condensate Units / High Temp
Vacuum Heating Units



Car / Truck / Bus CO Exhaust Capture Equipment
Industrial Welding Fume Capture  Components & Accessories
Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Under Slab Systems



Precision Air Conditioning Equipment


Louvres, Louvred Penthouses.


Energy Recovery HVAC Systems
Heat Wheel Units
Air to Air Flat Plate Exchanger Units
Custom Packaging




Electric heat/cool PTAC’s
Heat pump PTAC’s
Hydronic PTAC’s
Energy efficient inverter duty PTAC’s


Refrigeration Condensing Units
Air Cooled Condensers
Fluid Coolers
Custom Refrigeration
Unit Coolers
Certified Heating and Cooling Coils



Industrial and explosion-proof unit heaters and thermostats for hazardous and severe duty locations

heating cables


Chilled Water Buffer Tanks

Hydraulic Separators

Storage tanks

Water Heaters

Conventional fire pump systems 
Custom fire pump systems